Monday, 21 March 2016

St. Patricks day in Dublin

When I think back to St. Patrick´s day three words come to my mind.
- freezing
- crowded &
- drunken

And nevertheless it was an event worth seeing.
For me, St. Patricks day started early in the morning. Probably a little bit too early. Supposable because I went out the day before, like everyone else, old enough and off work.

So the next day I got up about 7:30 am to make myself ready and head off into town. At about 10 am I found myself standing in front of a blocked road, where the Parade passed a few hours later. More precisely, 3 hours later. Yes, 3 HOURS!! So we waited and waited and waited ....

And finally the Parade started. We saw officers, marching bands, cheerleader, costume clubs,....
and it was amazing, even tough it felt like 90% of the people who took part in the parade weren´t Irish but amaricans.

When the parade was finally over the crowds got even worse and on top of that everybody was wearing green. So you better don´t loose your friends or you´ll never find them again.
Against expectation we found a place to have lunch (Powerscourt Shopping centre).

We all got the advise to avoid temple bar - and thats what we did!
You probably wonder what we did next. And I have to disappoint you.
Part 2 of St. Patricks day was spent in a friends house, where we made dinner and watched a movie. At first sight, that  sounds pretty boring and probably you are right, maybe it is boring. But it was nice to spend my day off with my beloved ones and I´m sure that´s a memory i´ll keep in mind.

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